1999 WRITE THE FUTURE – LiGhT rAiLs Lyrics

1999 WRITE THE FUTURE LiGhT rAiLs *ੈ✩‧₊˚ Lyrics, Rick Ross LiGhT rAiLs Lyrics, Rich Brian LiGhT rAiLs Lyrics

Yeah, ay

Apparently they tried to get him out the picture
Pheromones are back, been gone too many winters
Courthouses full of people pointin’ fingers
Little did they know
It’s gon’ take more than that to bury me
Killin Bills, feelin’ like I’m Tarantin’
We against defeat, that’s not our fantasy
Lil’ hoe aye, yeah, aye

Bottles on bottles I’m talkin’ le labo
I speak to the mic and the paper gon’ follow
You might’ve misheard me if you think I’m lettin’ you fuck with the (Fuck with the)
Fuck with the journey
If anything I’m puttin’ you on a jersey
I fucked with a freak from Berlin, she a nine out of ten
But I’d prolly not do it again

Yeah, I hate fallin’ out with a bitch
I hate pillow talkin’ to bitches, you ridin’ this dick but you don’t have no interests
They movin’ like ramen noodles way the heat turnin’ all of ’em soft in an instant
That fame was my bitch for a sec but I’m over her, now we maintaining a distance, uh

You have arrived at Cupertino station
Doors are opening

Ricky Ravioli
It’s the biggest boss, baby
It’s the biggest baby, yes!
Let’s go

Top down, my smoke thick
Free throws, I don’t miss
White tees, my hat back
My bitch bad, I love this
I run past that fuck shit
That small talk some fuck shit
Rich n**, my forecast
Anything else is suspect
Laid back, let’s roll up (Boss)
Smoke good, my nose up
Roscoe’s, I’m iced out
Them n*** know my polar
Check this out, so hold up
Jada Pinkett done sold dust
Hold up
Double M, we on one
Right back with the Cold Crush
I been rich, do research
Run it
Top down on three perks
Run it
South Beach, I moonlight
N*** know what I move like
And she know what my mood like
Luc Belaire, it’s a smooth night
Dark room, I’m iced out
Iced out
Sunrise, it’s lights out
Maybach Music

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la
La la la la la la la

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Brian Imanuel, Marcus Morton, William L. Roberts II
  • Album: LiGhT rAiLs
  • Released: 2024