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A-Reece – Mark 15: 35 Lyrics

A Reece Todays Tragedy Tomorrows Memory The Mixtape Lyrics
A-Reece – Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: The Mixtape Lyrics

Mark 15: 35 Lyrics by A-Reece

I feel the rain pouring down every time you come around
(Sometimes you gotta get on your knees and pray
Rest in peace)
Long gone are the better days, n****
God gives and he takes
Sometimes it feels like maybe God made a mistake

He didn’t have to let them shoot my brother
He didn’t have to take my cousin
He didn’t have to make my family suffer
Why this gotta happen if he say he love us?

I know better than to question God
I know everybody gotta die
But if I’m losing everyone I’m living for
Then dear Lord, why the fuck a n**** still alive?
Sometimes the devil lives inside my troubled mind

This shit I’m rolling louder than a baby crying
I’m on my second J but I ain’t even getting high
23, stressing like I’m 45, I’m mortified
Feel like I ain’t spiritually fortified

Looking at my life in hindsight
Sometimes I wish that I could hit rewind
All I see is evil when I close my eyes
Never thought my little n**** Kay would tell me I should read the Bible more
Fuck what other n***** going viral for

Remember what you fighting for
Right your wrongs, n
This time you can’t just write them off
And when you write, write what’s coming from the heart
‘Cause where you from, a real n**** is immortalized

Written by; A-Reece
Released date; 26 March, 2021
Album/EP;  Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: The Mixtape

A-Reece Mark 15: 35 Lyrics