Aitch – Hollinwood To Hollywood Lyrics

Aitch Hollinwood To Hollywood Lyrics

Black coat to match the whip I’m looking camouflaged
Love from Moston lane to Ally Park
Them man there ain’t got a vibe
They try to damage ours
Bro stressed out
If I had a pound for every fag he sparked
I love the ends and she still has my heart
Some man make money
Some man spend it when they’re at the bar
Have a line and then start acting hard
Or run the line and then go back to bars

Love when I’m home from tour
And I go back to yard
North M 016 can’t break the Mancs apart
They hold it down I gotta thank my dawgs
Most man you see me with you seen ‘em at the start
Back then ganging on the handlebars
Now the fans will run me down and ask if there’s bangers charged
Hop in the bath I’m with a baddie
Get the candles sparked
Flying round the world
But the manor’s ours

Bro in the passy I’m driving cash in the third seat
See the gang up on the kerb see what the word be
Love the fact I get to fly around the world
But there ain’t a better feeling than a summers day on Church Street
Fuck one I’m stressed I’ve gotta burn free
Focus on success and let the world see
Grew up round the way some brothers make it
Couple brothers wanna turn G
Shit I ain’t against it it just weren’t me
No one’s an angel we’ve all had a past
But I can’t deny we’ve had a laugh
Smoking in the ally buying singles from a shabby gaff
Chipping in a fiver with my broski so we could land a pack
Now I’m pulling out some racks watching the cameras flash
Couple men decide to turn their backs but I can handle that
Cover many miles
Hella terminals I’ve landed at
But I ain’t going nowhere I’m a Manny man

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Aitch, Anthony Crawford, LiTek, Montell Jordan, Whyjay
  • Album: Close 2 Home
  • Released: 2022