AJ Tracey – Wifey Riddim 4 Lyrics

AJ Tracey Wifey Riddim 4 Lyrics

Are you mine?
That’s a question I ask all time…
I touch booth with my hand on my heart but it feels like, you got your hand on my-mind
I’m a vet when it comes to the tings,
What, tings, I just decline
When I leave ends you’re on my mind
Could I jump out and call you wife?
Like, tryna ask you are you mine?

Some of my old tings never could dress
Looked-good, out of their dress but didn’t impress
Some of dem gyal love cigarettes
Outside of the box tryna lose stress
Love thick thighs im a fan of the bress
OCD I couldn’t handle the mess
If your cribs on kings road but I see socks from the intro
Then I gotta plan for the next
some girls hated on my council address
Till i, spun their world like my hands on the decks
Pretty and russian, tryna have the coldest discussion
And they love a hand on their necks
Asian girl, kawaii
set good and she love ah anime like me
Jujutsu kaisan, baki hanma analysing
Cute in a plain white tee
Trini man I love ah island gyal but ah rude ting dat and her timing’s bad
Mean screwface with a righteous tan
Tryna say I wont blow cah my rhyming’s bad
but my timing’s ON
Piling the money tryna climb this wong
I dont need gifts I just need a mind that’s strong
Big bright brain and a tiny thong
Wifey not a tinie song

Clasé no mix inna dis
My ting from dykeman hates chip in the spliff
Gotta be, grah bah
Not a valdez or a lala
But she got bricks in the lyft
Nuttum but hips in the towns
She told me fuck nets gotta switch to knicks
And my indian leng ting only calls me when she’s venting or its too cold where she’s renting
No time for a girl wit the bad manners
Rather a girl tryna flag bandanas
Rather a girl tryna fight with spanners
Or sell my rare cards thru her facebook banners
Last two lightskin tings that I knew were cannons, always warring karens
My tings all top lane like teemos malphites setts urgots or garens
Oldskool soul but a new skool leader
Got asked for a feature, by my teacher
Got asked on a date night by my lecturer
I just wanna learn more when im textin ha
I love loud girls, ad lib ting
Herera and hobs from my magreb ting
Master ball, I gotta catch this ting
No tinder i’ll slide when I match this ting

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Ché Wolton Grant, Nathaniel Odueyingbo
  • Album: Wifey Riddim 4
  • Released: 2023