Alexander 23 – Magic Wand Lyrics

Alexander 23 Magic Wand Lyrics

You left your magic wand in my nightstand
Right above my shoes
Now she touches me in all the same places
But she don’t feel like you

She sings the rolling stones in the shower
And uses your shampoo
Same curly hair but promise that she don’t sound
Half as good as you

Swear to god my shirts still wet
From all the tears that fell out of your eyes
You’re makeup stains still on my bed
Now every night I have to say goodbye
One last time

She makes me breakfast, pancakes and bacon
In the pan we used to use
And you burned the eggs but you tasted better than
Pancakes and bacon do

The only silver lining is
That I don’t have to lie and say we’re fine
But oh am I a piece of shit
If I’m with her but I let you in my mind
One last time


Did you get a new one
Maybe a blue one to keep you company
And is it in your hand
Or maybe another man
And does he feel like me?