Alpha Ojini – Vigilante Bop Lyrics

Alpha Ojini Vigilante Bop Lyrics (feat. Odumodublvck)

Lock up the cops and gbes
Issakaba cover their mouth
With spiritual bandage
Kanayo put them in handcuffs ehn
Living in bondage
Which way?
Dillinger, break all the laws in raps
And I did it my way
Roll am, okpa
Stone am for head

Since nineteen sixty we dey hustle for five naira
We no see Tafawa
So fuck a prime minister
I no go shock if NNPC open mouth
Tell us forty k for forty litres
If I had a chance, i’ll decapitate these n*****
And still detain all their family sha
Alausa dey dobale for governor
Governor dobale for party leader
Nigeria police fit hold igbo for hand inside club
Arrest you for smoking shisha
I still see one for Osapa wey cork gun
Because him wan ask us for particulars
After one hour na small photocopy put n***** for soup
And na money kill am
Abba Kyari oga dey find Hushpuppi
But him commissioner na criminal
E dey do me like say make I turn Issakaba
On top this olopa matter
Pull up for Panti with six hundred n*****
DPO dey office dey chop amala
Bubu keep face like Jonathan for campaign
E enter office e turn Abacha
Everybody don curse am tire
E go hold am, insha allah

Heavenly felony, you know the matter
Abobbi I dagbo olopa
Cemetery nemesis, put them in agony
They carry Abba Kyari
I wish say, I wish say na me carry am
I for don stain all him beret with egusi
They know say na me
I spit on their uniform
Use am take clean cum
Ojini said I’m the hardest
My mummy said I’m the rawest
My papa dey craze, omo lawless
Odumodu shooting on duress
Never, never
I did it with clear head
I no need Tramadol
Before I bleed on a cop
Omo get up
They’re getting me fed up
Na wetin my IPO tell me, na setup
The thing be like lay-up
They talk say Odumodu murder the poor boy
Heavenly Father, my opposition dey verandah
They dey there dey burn up
They see me dey come up
They put the body for my name
Them dey lock up
Koti been dey lock us
They collect my money
And them no need search us

Yes, yes
Issakaba comot their head with spiritual machete
INEC, pass me the plastic
Fuck this government
Fuck ‘em…
20-10-20, them think say we forget
2023, you go collect

Lock up the cops and gbes

Abeg comot yansh for there
Fuck your bag of rice
I no wan collect
See them for saloon
Don dey wash your head
Shit is just more of the same
More or less
Boys in black still causing hold up
Every hundred meters na roadblock
Hustle must pure, them no go fit hold us
Fuck those boys

Bring that guy make I search that one
Odumodublvck na person wey dey carry pass one type
Past this point
Chukwu a gozigo gi
Crusher no dey my body
Na the lighter way the force man seize
Light my bazz
For their checkpoint, I dey look them
They dey smoke crack, e cast

Imagine, olopa get mind to ask me anything for weekend
Me, I just lock up
He chook hand for my pocket
He see chewing gum, he chop am
These men dey fuck up
Them don see say wetin dey my wallet na my last card
So the bastard say make I transfer
The thunder wey go fire you still dey warm up