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Ambush Buzzworl – Daily Duppy Lyrics

Ambush Buzzworl Daily Duppy Lyrics (feat. GRM Daily)

Let me tell you how streets is
Ain’t no coming back from the dead
Just mumsies picking up pieces
It’s like everybody wanna be g’s
But the truth be told everybody needs Jesus
Cah it’s a risky road, n***** risk it for the wrong reasons
Like you’re hungry, are you ambitious
Or you’re just lazy, or you’re just, uh (eediats)
Only wanna know where the girls at
Only wanna know where the weed is
Everything treacherous, everything devious
But somehow you think you’re realist
Till it really gets real then nobody knows where their pees is
Nobody knows where their heart is

That’s when you know who your darg is, uh
Talking the hardest
Lot of man victims a lot of man grasses
And a lot of man fuckin’ with the crosses, uh
But I’m God bless’ no man can curse me
A lot of man on these roads move thirsty
So I only fuck with my brothers like Cersi, uh
The streets gone mad
Look at how many neeks turnt bad
And look at how many G’s gone soft, uh

But it ain’t about wrong or right
It’s about win or loss
And only the strong survive
This, Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy
And the trap is a trap so literally
If you trap then you know what I mean If you
If you don’t let it remain a mystery
Cah it’s like jakes got it in for me
And my own mates got it in for me
And my baby needs things from me

I ain’t even making these drinks for me, uh
And these bad B’s want a drink from me
Hoes tryna suck my soul I won’t
Touch a relationship does things for me
I can make your girlfriend sing for me
Ever since I got into this industry
Everybody acting like they into me, uh
It’s cool cah’ it really ain’t a thing to me
Hand me downs were too big for me
Ice cream van was too there for me
A lot of things just weren’t there for me
So I sold drugs made it fair to me

Now the cocaine won’t work for me
But my mummy couldn’t buy a pair for me, uh
The game ain’t based on sympathy
Ain’t nobody do my years for me
But I made my mum shed tears for me
I lost a lot of friends and it’s worked for me
But I made a lot of things clear to me
It’s do or die out here its out there for me