Avantika – Sexy Lyrics

Cast of Mean Girls Sexy Lyrics, Avantika Sexy Lyrics

If I could change the world, I’d make us have world peace
And also, Halloween every single day
On Halloween, you can pretend to be someone else
It’s like the Internet, only in person and with candy

When you are the hot one, it’s a full-time gig
Looking like what people wanna see
Once a year, I’m not, I dress up and dream big
Disguised as someone else who is not me, but is still hot

I can be
Who I wanna be, and sexy
I can be
Who I wanna be, and hot

Don’t like who you are? Then hit that costume shop
Rock a new and different sexy look
Why be so down-hearted? Blast some trashy pop
And drop it to this hot and sexy hook

I can be
Who I wanna be, and sexy
I can be
Who I wanna be, and hot

Be somebody new
Do a total transformation
Animal or mineral, too
Or even vegetation!
I give you sexy corn
I can be who I want to be
And sexy

A sexy quint from sexy “Jaws”
Catching sexy sharks (Whoa-oh!)
Sexy Eleanor Roosevelt
Or sexy Joan of Arc (Whoa-oh!)
I can be a sexy pirate
Or a sexy ballet dancer (Sexy!)
I can be a sexy doctor
And cure some sexy cancer

That’s not right, is it?
I can sexy cure some cancer!
I can cure sex cancer!
Sex cancer doesn’t exist!
I did it! Dance break

Ooh, whoa-oh
Happy Halloween!

This is modern feminism talking
Watch me as I run the world in shoes I cannot walk in
I can be who I wanna be
And sex, sex, sexy!

I’m a sexy mouse, duh!

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Jeff Richmond, Nell Benjamin
  • Album: Mean Girls (Music From The Motion Picture)
  • Released: 2024