AYLØ – Hey Lyrics

AYLØ Hey Lyrics (feat. Tera Kòrá)

Pray for the lost
Pray to your God
Pray for the ones that never got born
Still pray for the answers
Praise ’till it’s dusk
Praise in ya sun sign
Raised in the North
Go on say what you want to
Ain’t what it’s not
Raised where the Love was
Played in the yard
Some days not an option
Raising your consciousness

With the Ganja

I’m Sage-ing this house
In to the Out
Blaze with the sunset
Stay ’till it’s dark
Rough state when you’re upset
Brain in the cloud
Taming the problem
Tainting your heart
Go on say it with some confidence my darg

Pray for your success
Pray for the lot
Raising the bounty
Staking it all
Still pray for the mandem
Pray for my aunt
Pray for the loved ones dear to your heart
Cuz these days it’s a madness
Look where we are

Poverty stricken but we richer than they are
Deeper when you listen
Talking shit like they don’t know they know

Fucking ignorant thinking the problem solved

That’s bodies dawg
Shoot ’em all
Shoot ’em all
That’s what they thought

And so they did it
And ’till date they beat the law

I mean they are the law
So what the fuck is going on?

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Joshua Justin Martina, Kevin Midonzi
  • Album: Hey
  • Released: 2022