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AZ – Different Lyrics

AZ Different Lyrics, Different Lyrics by AZ

This is a celebration of life
No matter what level
Able to rationalise is a blessing
Big boys relate
Bottles in the air

Closed caskets, memorial viewings
I’m mostly behind mics, got the audio cueing
Despite sending off kites, try to ignore the confusion
My sights is set on life, nothing’s more to be proven
Sound polite once it’s verbalised, rapped all nice
But for strikes, too internalise the facts’ll bite
Like serpent eyes, I can see through the blackest nights
I mastered gripes, plus my mathematics is right
Bullet wounds, but still alive is too much to consume
For a nigga that’s paralyzed, once a functional goon
Add all the tombs, 30 years can bring a nigga to tears
Neutralising, numbing his care, can you imagine you there?
I’m elsewhere, my chick pussy pretty shaped like a pear
A derierre’ll make a queer nigga sit there and stare
This is the year since the ball drop, been balling on top
Done came the Kobe death, COVID and cops

Cribs bought and sold, coupes been drove
Too many cooks over the stove, had to reduce the load
We old, no excuses but truth be told
Once a nigga become froze, his youth get stole
I’m in mode, even my celly got security code
Conspiracy now I’m looked at as lyrically chose
Where the hoes? Gimme a Cliqo, make it a Rose
Niggas finito, just fold, I’m ’bout to explode
But peep though, when it’s dark I still envision the NARCs
Raiding a nigga crib from my days as a kid
Happy I slid, half the team still serving they bids
But dig, if anybody, niggas glad that I did
Never hid, I’m a street nigga speak what I live
Whatever bridge gotta cross, pop the cork and swig
And understand, it’s out of my hand if it’s part of the plan
300 grand ’til the Rolls Royce land

Three decades, hitting the fourth
A fifth of Smirnoff pour for niggas caught in the cross
Lost in thought, my sons be my moral support
The homies with handguns, them niggas come with the fort
Avoiding court, but these clowns’ll make you force an assault
That’s why either I’m out of town or getting off in the loft
I’m from the cloth, being sane is my main resource
But the pain is what explains why there’s no remorse
I’m on course for the kitchen counter, filleting the flounder
What’s worse? When the wrong niggas wanna lounge around ya
Dodging the system, most dissolving in prison
So many pass [?] families hardly miss ’em
Prepare, this is the year for y’all niggas to fear
And if you never look death in the eyes, then don’t stare
I’m here from expectations from exceptional pacing
Still punish, and peel 100s like I’m on vacation