Azanti & PsychoYP – Intro Lyrics

Azanti & PsychoYP Apex Village Presents YP & Azanti, Vol. 1

Azanti & PsychoYP – Apex Village Presents: YP & Azanti, Vol. 1

Azanti PsychoYP Intro Lyrics

Yo bro whats up now?
I’m Azanti
Been sending you a few emails man
I haven’t gotten any reply but that’s calm
Sha I sent you some music right now
Been to a few shows

Fuck with your sound heavy boss
The first song I’m sending you is Posted up
Tell me what you think, tell me
Get back to me when you can boss
Alright bless

Written by; Azanti and PsychoYP
Released date; 8 November, 2020