Badflower – My Funeral Lyrics

Badflower My Funeral Lyrics, My Funeral Lyrics by Badflower

Imagine if I took my life
Gave up on love and died tonight
I wonder who would cry for me
I’ll never know, I’ll never see
But I can still pretend
It’s so magical to think about the end

The ones I loved would blame themselves
And wish that I’d reached out for help
And everybody else would try
To analyze my suicide
Everybody wants to cry
About some famous kid that died

Tonight I’ll light a candle and fantasize my funeral

All my bitch-ass enemies
Would blame themselves for killing me
Confess it in a eulogy
Regret the things they said to me
My album would sell better
And I’d probably trend on social media

Everybody wants to say
“I just saw him the other day”
Pretend that they were close to me
For thoughts and prayers and sympathy
Everybody wants to be
Best friends with the recently deceased

Tonight I’ll light a candle and fantasize my funeral

I know it’s not my time to go
I still have so much room to grow
Secretly I think about
The people I can’t live without
There’s so much hate I wish to fight
So much here to keep myself alive

The truth is I’m afraid of death
I never could commit to that
While immigrants and refugees
Ride blow up rafts through deadly seas
And here I am, a privileged me
With no concept for suffering

I think I’ll shut the fuck up
And donate to a charity

Tonight I’ll light a candle and end this stupid ritual