Barbra Streisand – Once You’ve Been in Love Lyrics

Barbra Streisand Once You’ve Been in Love Lyrics, Once You’ve Been in Love Lyrics by Barbra Streisand

Once you awake in someone’s arms
Once you have shared the dawn
Once you have seen the face of love
Flown the space of love
You’re someone else forever

Once you have dreamed in someone’s arms
How can you dream alone?
Once you have known the joys of time, smiles of time
Can you walk alone across the miles of time?

After you’ve heard the song of songs
What other song will do?
After your eyes are dazzled by the summer sunlight
Oh, how long before they grow accustomed to the dark of winter?

Once I belonged in someone’s arms
I never felt the cold
And once I believed in someone’s arms
That they would always hold me

Once I was sure how real it was
Now I try to pretend it never was
I long to forget it ever was

But with so many memories where do you begin?
Once you’ve been in love