Bebe Wood – What’s Wrong With Me? Lyrics

Cast of Mean Girls What’s Wrong With Me Lyrics, Bebe Wood What’s Wrong With Me? Lyrics

Tell me what’s wrong with me
My body, face, my hair
Tell me all my many faults
Tell me like you care
When we both know you’re cruel
And we both know you’re right
I could listen to you
Like a fool all night

What’s wrong with me?
How I speak? How I dress?
What’s wrong with me?
You keep me guessing

Mama called me beautiful, don’t believe her anymore
Now I’m listening to you
What do I do that for?
Please don’t ignore me

What’s wrong with me?
What can I do?
What’s wrong with me?
Could it be you?
It’s probably me
See that, you see?
What’s wrong with me?
Mmm, mmm

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Jeff Richmond, Nell Benjamin
  • Album: Mean Girls (Music From The Motion Picture)
  • Released: 2024