Benny the Butcher – Mr. Chow Hall Lyrics

Benny the Butcher Mr Chow Hall Lyrics

Ayo, this, this Tana Talk 4, right?
So, you know what I mean? I gotta talk about the shit that’s on my mind, the shit I think about

Yo, I feed my team when I’m bringing in work
‘Cause that’s how leadership work
And I don’t trust a fiend ‘less his fingertips burnt (Uh-uh)
And I don’t want no credit for careers that I co-created (Nah)
The deals I negotiated, drug dealers I associate with (My niggas)
Nah, (Uh-uh), ’cause seven figures what I had to be
Rapper turned down a contract for me?
Now what he make a year is what I stack a week
You brag about your whip, but how? That’s a lease (How?)
Spent your down payment at Mr. Chow’s on a Tuesday, now that’s a feast (Let’s eat)
Five bands, the cops got in Houston after that shootin’ (They took it from me)
They tried to get me to come pick out of a lineup, but I was useless
In the hospital bed shot, them questions they asked, I was clueless
This position that I got as a gangsta, I won’t abuse it (Nah)
The politicians in my city can’t believe I got this off music (How though?)
It’s fucked up that’s how y’all view it
Like I’m still dropping off units (Huh?)
They say West is the brains (Uh-huh), and Benny is the star
Conway the silliest with the bars, well, I couldn’t agree more
‘Cause I’m on prime time TV fresh off tour in Dior (Uh-huh)
And what that **** deal was for, my shit was ten times more
And that’s no disrespect at all
Shit Conway taught me made me a boss (Facts)
And these West’s own words
This how he planned it, this what he saw (Uh-huh)
That’s how he knew not to do that ****
They both rich, and I am too, so shit, that advice wasn’t wrong
The Butcher (Ah)