Benny the Butcher – Uncle Bun Lyrics

Benny the Butcher Uncle Bun Lyrics (feat. 38 Spesh)


Ayy, yeah, I just bought a kilo from my dog in B-Lo
Mixing fentanyl with diesel
That shit they selling clogging needles
Niggas switch, so I don’t talk to people (Uh-uh)
Two clips, that’s enough shots for you and your alter ego (Yeah, uh)

Flight coming in from Puerto Rico
Landing on the east coast
Nigga, and I don’t drive cars with keyholes
Y’all niggas just gettin’ fresh and y’all talkin’ fashion
I’m a veteran, Dior letterman with the army patches
Turn my every summer run to a comfortable number one
I become elite, underground king like I’m Uncle Bun

Another run, nigga, we got rich off the right vision
To get the squares from here to there was a light mission
I planned it and all I had was a flight ticket
When I landed, I took advantage of the price difference
Listen, nigga, I got a hand that could write scriptures
But y’all take the stand and land me in tight fences
Fuck a life sentence, pray God hand me the right riches
And turn this one brick to a family of white bitches, uh

These the results you get when you the reason the culture shift
Don’t believe in that vulture shit, had to feed my associates
I make sure everybody eat, yeah, I think like a socialist
Million dollar empire from a piece of a broken brick, uh

You know these hoes ain’t shit so I cheat and don’t commit
I’m rich, I just can’t go to sleep with a broken bitch
Loaded fifth, press a button and the scope focus quick
And the clip longer than the script from a motion pic

I sold dope to a fiend while she pregnant, emotionless
I’m not a case worker, that’s not a reason I sold the shit
Who cared I wore hand-me-downs too big for my clothes to fit?
Who cried for me when my relatives stole from me for a hit?
Look, these lames still caught up ’cause my name’s still brought up
In top five convo from Langfield to Gainesville, Florida
I remember vividly
Trappin’ with my toes cocked
Bagging up in dope spots
Junkies on the floor
These niggas ain’t real as me
And it ain’t a close shot
I don’t fuck with no opps
Buryin’ ’em all
Million dollar tendencies
All I do is show stop
Tractor trailer coke drops
I done seen it all
I’m ballin’ ’til infinity
Catch me at the boat dock
We ain’t boarding no yachts
Just unloading raw (Uh)
I remember vividly (Ah)