Big Body Bes – Tears of a Tiger Lyrics

Big Body Bes Tears of a Tiger Lyrics, Tears of a Tiger Lyrics by Big Body Bes

Yes, uh-uh
Mr. Uh
(La música de Harry Fraud)
Mr. Out of My Motherfuckin’ Mind
Staircase situations
I thought I told you

Paparazzi Body
I only shoot celebrities now
We done came up
Pull the speedboat up
I had to step back
Hit the block and get the bag up
Who else?
Still got your baby mama
Butt naked baggin’ up in the building
It’s nothing new
My same old tricks
God forgive me
For the things I sold
All for the leather and gold
Can’t take back what I’ve done
Autobahn all-stars
Run up on me uptown
Hundred gun rounds
It’s Mr. Back Block
Machine gun money forever
Boom ba-boom boom bow
You better go home and hold your child
They know me
They stand up when I sit
Ooga-booga Body
I pull up on the block
Smellin’ like a shootout
What your life be ’bout?
Blood leakin’ out my mouth
But I won the war
Ask akhi
Million dollars right in front the store
May God take me if I’m lyin’
Tears of a tiger
Soul of a lion