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Big Sean & Hit-Boy – Into It Lyrics

Big Sean Into It Lyrics, Into It Lyrics by Big Sean & Hit-Boy

Type of shit
N**** hit you up
N**** see what you doing
Got the nerve to ask me
“What you been up to?”
Man you know what I been up to
What you expect?

Forever and ever
Forever and ever
Straight up

She want me alone, she wanna to get intimate, intimate
I run through the plays like it’s Broadway
Except this scene got no end to it
I run through the plays just like an instrument
Swear I get way too into it
I’m not done with this shit till I’m done lil bitch
And that’s just a sentiment
Into it, into it, I’m gettin’ way too into it
Into it, into it, n***** be asking for more than they give to it
Hold up

Old flame and she want to rekindling
I almost answer the call until I remembered why I had ended it
Five second rule
That’s how much time every decision get
My crib got a gym in it
Built like Olympia, runnin’ Mulholland and Michigan
I love that pussy
Almost as much as my businesses
And hearin’ my n***** is innocent
And makin’ sure they life story full of all commas
N**** period
Success, I dap up the ref
I still got no tats but she inked my name on her flesh
What you expect?
The realest that she ever met
Digital signatures. I just sign a multi right over text
The difference between I live in the now, you claimin’ you next
You just some shit that’s under the carpet, already swept
Clearly I’m an example of when all the dots, connect

Look at my roster
N****, I’m critical with the selects
At dinner, I’m eatin’ baguettes, neck full of begets
I ain’t miss a bitch, I ain’t skip a step
It’s all in the genes, you ain’t gotta guess
The team is in unison
Everything mesh, we ball like the Met
And I’m gettin’ into it, into it
She confessed that she love me, I know that is genuine

Headlight, head shot, leave your vest out
When I step up, step down
Foot on necks, can’t leave no steps out
Fuck that scat, pack my bitch, bring SRT and hellcats out
They was waitin’ for my fall off but they all fell back now
Shit is tremendous, come to your senses
Pay what you owe, I’m out of extensions
I can see though all the hidden agendas
Multiple colors inside of the pendant
That’s shit had cost me like two or three Benz’s
I gave your album like two or three listens
Honestly, that shit a way better frisbee
Came through the exit and still made a entrance

And I’m gettin’ into it, into it
She want me alone, she want to get intimate
I’ma run through the plays like it’s Broadway
Except the scene got no end to it
I run through the plays just like a instrument
Swear I get way too into it

I’m gettin’ into it, I had to commit to it
Don’t take me out the game if I’m injured and I’m hurt
Just know I’ma limp through it
And not just get through it, I’ma win through it
Political how the industry is
If you don’t have connections, yeah you, might get a shot
But thats like pullin’ up half court to shoot while the rim moving
But I sink it anyway, why? ‘Cause I been prove it
You can tell who chosen and who do it for influence
The baddest and been fluent
And I know that vibes and energy is a language on its on and I been fluent
If I hold a conversation with you for longer than five minutes
Guaranteed I’m droppin’ wisdom and gems through it
Success ain’t success if you can’t put your friends to it
Everything has flaws if you put the right lens to it
People who go though the worst and ain’t learned shit
What the point even bein’ through it?
And it’s no ends to it
Even when they drop the casket and I’m into it
It’s still no end to it