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BIG30 – Dyin’ Expensive Lyrics

BIG30 Dyin Expensive Lyrics, Dyin Expensive Lyrics by BIG30

Blrrrd Blrrrd Blrrrd


Wake up early in the morning
Move a bo fo I stretch
Plus for a lyft I’m at the sto
Pull up with a check
Think about trying some on 30
Pull up with a vest
Them hittas itching for a body
Drop a n**** get blessed
Don’t pull up with no handguns
Less you sending ya best
And you can’t join the choppa gang
Less you passing that test
Holla at cheese for them p’s
Pull up in the jets
It ain’t no boys round here we playing checkers not chess
l ain’t playing ain’t lying
I ain’t no capper rapper

Have them shootas at yo neck just like a Adam’s apple
Speak on 30 you gonna die I have them shootas after
Racing a C8 in a V8 tryna see which faster
I’m CEO of Choppa Gang n**** CGE
N**** want a couple ounces gotta come see me
I’m Gucci down I spent a quarter know the swipes on me
Can’t get no shoes up off the action this how Nike ain’t sweet
Hit up Tadoe CPN for a Hellcat
Know I’m having shit my way can’t you tell that
Tryna beg my lil n**** hold them shells back
Cause you can’t get that time back or you can’t give that cell back
Jumped off the porch and I was smoking Pom Pom
It ain’t no sucker round me we ain’t no dum dum
Take a n**** ass down for a lump sum
Survival of the fittest what they taught me where love come from
High speed off the muscle when them folks hit the lights

Them fiends coming back to back when them folks hit the pipe
Put it on yo head you can get yo nose wiped
10 on yo shit in the morning you won’t see the night

A, and I hope you know dyin’ expensive
Understood when I see you I’m firing my pistol
How you shoot a n**** you wasn’t even firing for
Go against the gang just know you dying my n*kk*
And it ain’t shit i’m worried about
How you sliding n**** see what you swerving
about Glock 23 I up it I’m splurging out
Brains on the curb see what he worried about

Never snitched on no n****
I’m too gangsta bitch look me up
Never ever see my chain tucked thats what that glizzy for
Ima be the first crip to put a C on a Bentley truck
I slide with none but killas boy that’s what that
black Infiniti for
Goats on top of digital
N***** don’t wanna beef with us
Hang with killas and gamblers
N***** ain’t really street as us
Fuck the glock desert eagle tucked
Metal jackets gone eat’em up Big30 deleting stuff
Acting tough and we left’em stuck Blrrrd
I say Big30 deleting shit
Diss me on the 23rd pussy ain’t even see the 6th
Ran out of wock I’m sick fuck it had to proceed to trist
Same n**** hating on the gang couldn’t even be the shit
Constantly bringing me up to hoe
Why you ain’t hit the bitch Forgot I even hit the bitch
Fucked her when I wasn’t having shit

Now I’m hitting classy shit
Private jet with the baddest bitch
I only tote the latest in dracos and automatic shit

A, and I hope you know dyin’ expensive
Blrrrd Blrrrd blrrrd blrrrd
A, and I hope you know dyin’ expensive
Understood when I see you i’m firing my pistol