BIG30 – Free Shiesty Lyrics

BIG30 Free Shiesty Lyrics (feat. Big Homiie G)

Glock came with a switch
If you diss you get baptized bitch
See the opps then I’m firing
Ian never spared shit
I’m from the bottom they know where I coming from
I put a AP on my arm
Ain’t got a safety on my gun
I load a 50 in my drum

I’m on the block with the straps
Got a lot of guns
I put a 50 on a Tommy gun
I’m crippin’ to death throw up C with the left
And throw up BK with the other arm
Come to my hood get a p we got underarm
Really can get you a hunnid of’em
Reach for my chain and slumping some
Put that in my two lil girls and my only son

He not a member he not one
Saw the opps he ain’t drop one
Hellcat red key sports mode when the cops come
She a hoe she gone fuck some
How I know cause I bust some
Clutching ion trust none
Bet I tick bet I flush some

Cartier, AP, Rollie
Blrrrd ring I’m icy
Fucked his bitch took his shit
Slimed him out and told’em free Shiesty
Amiri jeans glock tucked fitted hat cocked with a white tee
Street n**** go cross the globe with a gun and no id

Yeen gotta like me
I get a check like I’m Nike
I still shop with a booster she striking
I put the year on the streets with a title
I’m out the gates
I done turnt to a idol
I’m in this cat but it’s really a striker
I keep that fire ian talking no lighter
I just might fly the bitch out cause I like her

I just might fly a bitch out cause I like her
I just might fly a bitch out just to fuck
I’m in Milwaukee shooting dice with Giannis
Just made $50K cause I bet on the bucks
CEO Status know ion give a fuck
Sliding with them shots fuck a bulletproof truck
I po’d a 4 in a 20 ounce high as a tree house this a $1000 cup

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Deondre Speaks, Merle Staten II, Rodney Wright, Tiquan Pryor
  • Album: Last Man Standing
  • Released: 2022