BIG30 – No Hospital Gang Lyrics

BIG30 No Hospital Gang Lyrics, No Hospital Gang Lyrics by BIG30


My granny seen me Dior head to toe she said I’m sharp
My entourage trail me with 223’s and stolen cars
That’s they job
A n**** play a n**** gone get sparked
That’s on God

I’m super strapped at home I got dracos in my garage
Lil bitch thought I was sweet like lan know she with the opp
Baby girl this yo life you playing with hoe don’t get shot
Two choppas by myself in this stolo im sliding hot
New opp bitch from the nawf got super top a super thot
Big Fox 13 Gang we known to put shit on that channel
Heard he a loose screw but we fixing shit with them hammers
Bitch we want all smoke we quick to pull up where it’s ana
We no hospital gang the same day they hand out candles
I just stopped in the hood just to get chopped throw on my jewelry
I’m off these perks l’m full of drank I can’t stay out these mirrors
On point can’t go for nun gotta make it home to my children
Get caught with or without I rather go sit face a jury
I rather go sit face a judge

$2000 for each teeth come her lil hoe look how long slug
Lil bitch was lame as fuck
Say she got a passion for thugs
Hoe I just wanna fuck till I come down from off these drugs Bitch
Till I come down from off these percs
Gone kill you from the back and hold you down until you squirt
I might fuck you good then clean you up then drop you off at work
Then I’m back off to the block to move these pounds get off this merch
Move these pounds and move the gas
You in my town you need a pass
Ain’t no nice shit where I’m from you come through here we on yo ass
One rapper paid his cash
One rapper got his shit snatched
Ain’t no love in Memphganistan bitch welcome to
You say no cap but we say facts
You say slime but we say splatt
You say gang but I say set

I’m from Millbranch and Willett
I’m from King Gate and Bent Tree
Ain’t no n**** did nun to me
I’m 5’9 but I’m 10 ft
I’m 20 this Glock 2-3 Blrrrd
Said I’m 20 this Glock 2-3
No n**** played with me these n***** keep getting played to sleep
(N***** keep getting played to sleep, no n**** played with me these n***** keep getting played to)
Blrrrd Blrrrd Blrrrd Blrrrd