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BIG30 – Shots Out the Vette Lyrics

BIG30 Shots Out the Vette Lyrics, Shots Out the Vette Lyrics by BIG30

Come on, let me punch in
(Blrrd, blrrd, blrrd)
(Run it back, Playboi)
Uh, uh, uh
Ayy, ayy

I got this Glock on me now (Glock on me now), six hundred shots trailing me (Blrrd)
Got jaded, need guap with me now (Guap with me now), investing in artillery
Each chop got at least sixty rounds (Blrrd)
Catch me sipping Wock’ and serving za (Wock’), pickup truck full of pounds (Full of pounds)
Clutching this AR, hoping this fully don’t bust in my hand (Bust in my hand)
When we see that pancake, bet we flip his lil’ bitch ass again (Bitch ass again)
Gotta know these hollows hurt, I wish you can go ask your man (Go ask your man)
And we smoke on opps, I think that last boy was my favorite strand (Gas, gas)
All these VV’s ’round my neck, you reach, we gon’ take off your hand
I just know you, I don’t know him, we finna take off your man (Take off your man)
KSBG murder murder, we got more K’s than the Klan (K’s than the Klan)
T-shirt gang we put niggas on shirts, we turn shit to a brand
BIG30, big nuts, we tote big guns, no nigga playing with me
Know my son look up to me so them choppers, they staying with me (They staying with me)
You really a ho, you really wanna shake the hand of me (Shake hands with me)
And I fucked your baby mama, your lil’ girl a fan of me (A fan)
Could have been my baby mama, but you know the plan was B (The plan)
Sent some shots and ran from me (He ran)
Chase you in this 6.4 from Getwell to White Sand Street (He ran from me)
On the block, we playing for keeps
Loving thots, you laying with freaks (You laying with freaks)
Draco with the wood and the brown grip, we call it Sandy Cheeks (It’s Sandy Cheeks)
Brand new Glock from out of VA, had to cop me a four-fifth (Glock)
Big .223 with the sniper scope and it came with four clips
One more Percocet, it’s over, better not pop not one more pill
Free PG, he spit on your big homie and chase you off Beale (Facts)
You gotta get you a kill if you wanna be the set
You gotta go on a drill and we send shots at the neck (Blrrd)
Headshot gang, keep on your vest
Free Preston, learned from the best
If you see that C8 in your city (Skrrt), it’s shots in the ‘Vette (My ‘Vette, skrrt)

You know it’s shots out the ‘Vette (Blrrd)
Hundred something shots in the ‘Vette
Blrrd (Skrrt)