BigWinnn – Playing No Games Lyrics

BigWinnn Playing No Games Lyrics, Playing No Games Lyrics by BigWinnn

Turn the fuck up, bitch, I’m in the stu’
Not tryna play no games (Here he)
If I pop this Glock (Woo), you better not tell (Woah)
‘Cause that’s not how we’re raised (Here he)
If I pop me an opp (Woah), he gon’ run and tell the cops (Damn)
Eeny, miny, mo, I’m putting tags on every toe (Really?)
‘Cause bitch, I’m the one with time today (Dear God)
Run up on me, meet your grave (Good heavens)

Bitch keep askin’ me what I’m sippin’ on, I tell that bitch “Wockesha”
We got F&N’s with hundred rounds, but don’t shoot up the preacher
Remember I was geek’d as fuck, that bitch bossed up, now I don’t need her
Next thing I was back in eight grade runnin’ ’round tryna fuck my teacher
Gotta keep a round
Fucked this bitch and told her “Bounce” (Gone)
I make plays to get you plugged
Cut his hands if he tryna touch (It’s done)
I was raggedy, now I’m up
They drip the same, it’s startin’ to rust
They be upset when you mention my name, niggas wish they could ball like us (They wish)
I’m tryna hit this stain, bust his brain (Fantom)
Houdini when I up the Glock, it’s comin’ different ways
How you hate, but make minimum wage?
Crazy how they hate me
I’m ballin’, Tracy McGrady
All these big rocks and baguettes on my neck got me movin’ lazy
[?], my opps be broke
Niggas know that that’s they daddy’s fault (It is)
Walk up in the store, I’ma shoot and bust his cantaloupe
Boom, he kept talkin’ on my dead folks, turned him into a damn ghost
Let a nigga try me, like I’m Dej Loaf

Now that you see I’m not playing no games, I’m not the one to try (Here he)
Go run and scatter, tell your favorite rapper (Dear God), that’s he’s not that guy
Smoke me an opp (Woah), this shit rocks (Splendid)
Slide me the ski mask, we’re rolling down deep fast (Jesus)
Turn that boy into a shit bag ’cause he made me mad

I ain’t had no pussy in a minute, but I Doja cat
Any nigga come up on my Glock, it got ’em runnin’ back, like “Go home, Roger”
Got a bad bitch, love to model
Body shaped just like a bottle
Open doors for niggas, then they try to knock you (Let’s go, Fantom)
Oh no, catch a play
I’m a titan, Julio (Woo)
Not the same, just give ​me brain
Pack your bags, adiós (Hey Winnn)
I’m just sayin’, these niggas tryna outrap me, but I do the most (Hey Winnn)
Just sit back and go grab some snacks
I got the Henny [?] (Let me drive the boat)
I be switchin’ lanes so quick, I’m goin’ coast to coast
Your bitch Handy Mandy with my dick, she geeked to go full throat
I got Valentino on my collar, I just paid your car note (Huh?)
These niggas ain’t really ’bout it
Wake him up, he’s sleepy after all these hollows
Shoutout my vatos taking chips because they not yo’s
Too much drip, I need a thousand dollar poncho (Damn)
Ask me how I made it to the top, I don’t know (I really don’t)
Just a nappy headed nigga with a flow

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