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Blanco – Pain Lyrics

Blanco Pain Lyrics, Pain Lyrics by Blanco

6paths coulda went colly or uni
8balls tryna volley that like Rooney
Feds with the questiontime like Skatoony
Summoned then die in the line of duty
Claim he a opp, look back like who’s he?
Ready or not, get scored like the Fugees
Came with Chuck Norris step I’m Bruce Lee
Ding dong coupe Astra or Suzuki

Throwing up hand signs I ain’t like Madara
Legendary swordsman Latz was Zabusa
Bae watching cah I want that Pamela
Bro with the pressa, it ain’t from Canada

Red in my eyes Rinnegan, no Sharingan
She want a milkshake, taking it Farringdon
Guys on your block bare times no Paddington
Had a one in Dulwich and New Addington

Great ninja war just veterans
Uno de Ligt not in Netherlands
No bale long shot when a Karius
Came with the ratchet Doctor Nefarious

One foot out the mud the precarious
And I got haters, think that’s hilarious
Toxic, she Sagittarius
Car horsepower, bringing the chariots

Sitting in pain like I fractured my shoulder
Wap in the cab not Ola
Black seeing red like the flag of Angola
Still in estate Minnesota
In the field no agriculture
Bro’s in the can for the coke not cola
Jakes in the rear lookman Ademola
Scared so he lost his composure
Goat in a human stature
Bro with the iron Margaret Thatcher
I was in the cab, jakes tryna capture
Give it Seedorf, he gives to Kaka
Rolling with the stones, he don’t know Mick Jagger
And I’m rolling with a real tug, he a Thorgan Hazard