Blind Channel – Glory For The Greedy Lyrics

Blind Channel Glory For The Greedy Lyrics

The money, the power, the fame
It’s all bloody and sour and grey
Now they’re coming like moths to a flame
All they do is take and take and-
Glory for the greedy
There is no glory for the greedy
We always knew what it was gonna take
Spent our teenage working night and day
We knew all the dues just had to be paid
Want in to the group?
Bad news for you, dude

You’re eight years late
It’s not about the money
But you have nothing else
So sick and tired of all your bribes
Empty promises and fake smiles
Where were you when we built all of this?
Now everybody wants a part
But we don’t need you
You need us
There is no glory for the greedy
There is no glory for the greedy
”I have always supported your band”
You haven’t?
Our last chat you were saying ”ditch the rapper”
”I believed in your vision”
Hmm, no you didn’t?
You told us to lose the guitars and sing in finnish

”You’re gonna be a big band, I always knew”
Shut the fuck up man, no thanks to you
”Prepare getting sued”
Well prepare to fucking lose
We ain’t giving away percentages for work you didn’t do
It’s not cool
Don’t call me lucky if you’re sleeping when I’m working
Talking ’bout sharing the profit
You don’t deserve it
Since the beginning always our hands dirty
Still living hand to mouth
Yeah, you heard me
Just another motherfucking pig
Think you made us big?

You’re so full of shit
All you know is money and power and fame
All we know is grinding every single day
So done with you lying bitches and envy
Be sending you flying kisses from Wembley

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Aleksi Kaunisvesi, Joel Hokka, Joona Moilanen, Joonas Porko, Niko Moilanen, Olli Matela, Tommi Lalli
  • Album: Lifestyles of the Sick and Dangerous
  • Released: 2022