Blxckie – Baby Jackson Lyrics

Blxckie Baby Jackson Lyrics, Blxckie ft A-Reece Baby Jackson Lyrics

(Yo Herc cut the lights)

Now I’ma get me a Urus I can’t even drive right now
I was too close the edge
And these demons was telling me why don’t you dive right now
I get the beat and I kill it
Then call out the boy tell em’ keep it alive I promise
I see you sprinting I’m chilling jogging
I stay away from the haters and blog-

Haters and bloggers
Can’t be around me if you move like a target
I’m coaching you nigga’s, I’m feeling Carter
Die for this shit bitch I feel like a model
I’m tryna ball like a baby, a toddler
And split it between me, my bitch and my partners
They reading up comments I’m counting up commas
Bodied this shit, I just kept on my promise
Then lately I keep going harder

Yeah, fake as a arm and a leg on prosthetic
I’m counting the fetti, let’s look at the titty I’m skimming
I walk around like the president
My vision too deadly, I died in my mind just to get it
You know my partners stay ready
There’s lean in my cup, make me partly admit it
There’s cheese in my pocket, make nigga’s act sketchy
Say please on your knees if you wanted the Bentley

Aye, yeah (Let’s go)
If it’s Herc on the beat it’s a hit in the street
Baby boy Blxckie just did a 3-peat
I don’t do talking I’m keeping it brief
We cannot kick it I’m out of your league
That’s what it is if I said it kapish
6 figure deal like the mark of a beast
Easy to get but it’s harder to keep

Shit ain’t cheap, I spit like preacher
My teeth full of litres, we step on your sneakers
Got a fever I only make heaters
This really the creeper and blow-out your speakers
Touch down your city
I know that you feel it, you switched on your people
That’s not an achievement
I can fulfill it like I wouldn’t make it
Cause I wasn’t really the sharpest and lethal