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Boity Best Friend Lyrics

[Interlude: Gala]
Hey friend!
I just wanted to say, congratulations!
Friend, I just wanna tell you how proud I am of you, and how much you mean to me, you know?
This album, you being able to achieve this
This is not just for you, it’s for us
It’s for all of us

It’s for me, it’s for you, it’s for my daughter, it’s for all the other girls all around Africa
All around Africa!
And friend you know that, I know that, you long saw this coming
This is not a surprise

Where you are in your life right now, it’s not a surprise
It’s not a surprise to me and it’s not a surprise to you
And all I can say is that you’re here now
You are here!
You are here my friend
So enjoy your life
Enjoy every moment, take it in

And most importantly for me, is that you are happy
So make sure that you are happy through all of it
Through all of it, the experiences, you know, that are coming your way, that you’re experiencing right now
Be in the moment, be happy
That is my dream for you to just, be happy
And like you said it: “I’m from Potch on a worldwide mission, my impulse got every little girl winning”
Yeses, hahahaha
4436 let’s go get ’em!

Written by; Boity
Released date; 4 December, 2020
Album/EP; 4436 

Best Friend Lyrics by Boity

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