Boldy James & The Alchemist – Illegal Search and Seizure Lyrics

Boldy James and The Alchemist Illegal Search and Seizure Lyrics, Illegal Search and Seizure Lyrics by Boldy James and The Alchemist

Police department, search warrant
Police department, search warrant
Where we at? (Uh, uh, uh)
Yeah, you know we pay a lil’ plus bonus (227)
Catch him up top (Gang time)
Three in his dome (Bow)
Blockworks, let’s get it

My brodie caught a case OT before I could find out about it
Woke up to the raid team at my door, and now my house surrounded
Thought that I was dreamin’, broski snitchin’, that I couldn’t fathom
Put him in position, but for damn sure couldn’t put it past him
Lookin’ back when niggas wasn’t havin’, fell in love with trappin’
We was smokin’ Vegas on the Sega, playin’ Double Dragon
Now we hovercraftin’ in that big body bubble wagon
Poppin’ out the whip in new drip, got a puddle splashin’ (Splash)
Fuck what happen to your fam, niggas know what’s up with Jackson
Couldn’t catch my man, but we caught his lil’ brother lackin’ (Baow)
Finna get him splashed, just tryna think how I’ma go about it
Had me flashin’ back on everything this nigga know about me
Damn, what happened to that one look he had on his face at first
Before the phone hung up on bro talkin’ about his paperwork
But come to find out, one day, was on my way to church
I heard he told, they let him out, tryna papier-mâché them chirps (On bond)
Weigh the work while it’s wet just to get them extra Gs (Extras)
Now the F-E-Ds kickin’ in my crib, yellin’ “Freeze”
Hella cheese hid in the wall, touchin’ fetti off fentanyl
He wrote a tell it all, said I been sellin’ kis of the dog
Handcuffed my bitch, but she already know the procedure
Tell Fee and Blue to clean house and leave my work with Teresa
It’s 76 so we be servin’ ether (Drug zone)
But the case got dismissed without prejudice, illegal search and seizure
Where we at?