Brye – Nothing! Lyrics

Brye Nothing Lyrics

Some middle aged gym bro
With nothing else to do
Is typing in all caps
Saying I should lose a few

And I’m planning my reply
Wasting my energy
On some unimportant guy
Only trying to bait me

And the more time that I spend on him
The less I spend on me
And the less I spend on me
The less I am recovering
I’m drafting up responses
Trying to say the perfect thing

When really what I should say is

I’m squeezing into jeans
Cause they don’t carry my size
And they don’t really make clothes for
Bodies that look like mine

And grace wont stop complaining
About how fat she feels
While I’m in the other changing room
Wishing I could disappear

And the more that I dwell on this
The more I hate me
And the more that I hate me
The less that I’m recovering
Wishing I could rapidly
Change everything about me
When the only thing I should be changing is
the only thing is should be changing is

When my thoughts get mean
what should I do?

When I feel shame
About eating food
(Eat it anyway)

When I gain weight
What should I do?
(Throw the scale away)

The only thing I should be doing is

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Bryanna Noelle Sebring, Evan Matthew Blum
  • Album: Nothing!
  • Released: 2023