Camila Cabello – koshi xoxo Lyrics

Camila Cabello koshi xoxo Lyrics (feat. BLP KOSHER)

I was going through like, kind of like a heartbreak
And I also, um, my dawg that was like there for me and stuff, like, he had like passed away
And I was listening to Camila
Her music got me through it, I think that was the first music
Like album that I actually like shed tears to music while it was playing, like
‘Cause the song like, I was like, um, Camila, the Camila album, so like
It’s an honor to just be here
And be able to just like, you know
Speak on that shit for real

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Benjamin Landy Pavlon, Camila Cabello, Jasper Harris, Pablo Diaz-Reixa, yanaco
  • Album: C,XOXO
  • Released: 2024