Cash Cobain – Dunk Contest Lyrics

Cash Cobain Dunk Contest Lyrics

I’m tryna give you the best of me
I wanna kill it like rest in peace
Eat on that pu**y like it was a recipe, like

I wanna make you a mommy
You look good as a redhead, dreadhead, black hair, pink hair, blondie, like

I know I be on ya body
Not Meg Thee Stallion but you a hottie
You let me hit Imma buss ya scalotti, like damn

I cannot wait til I see ya
I cannot wait til I eat ya
U got a n***a then I wanna be him, like damn

You know I would never play ya
Can I put you on my face love
I want ya pu**y now and want it later, like

Got a body like you Wayda
Can I put you on my face love
That pu**y creamy call you mash potatas, like

You got the good up v*gina
I gotta find ya
I gotta hit one more time to remind ya, like damn

You the quiet you the shy one
I wanna mm, nevermind love
F**k that I want parts of ya v*gina, like damn

I know that shit macaroni
I wanna be more than homies
Gimme that pu**y don’t be acting phony, like

You the opposite of boney
Can you ride it like a pony
Whenever you want it mommy you can call me, like

I wanna have us a 3v3
Make it a movie, DVD
All of us got our phones on DND, like damn

Tiq the freak, Destiny, Lexi, I got a BNB
Polishers, like the eatery
None of these other n***as ever seeing me

Marni, Marni
I don’t wanna talk about Marni
I don’t think that I should talk about Marni
F**k it, Imma talk about Marni

You piss my b****es off like a potty
Can’t get these n– off of your body
I wanna put it all in your body
Wanna get in ya drawers, til my d**k is soft, now my d**k is off in your body
I got that different talk
If a n– say that he dont want you then he gizz lotti
Like damn

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmh

We could make a mess, tss
I got something I must confess, tss
I wanna see you get undressed, fisherrr
I’m bout to send you my address

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm
And when in doubt, got me figured out, can’t forget about

I wanna f**k your body til you dizzy
Want you to suck it sloppy make it spitty
I’m about to call your phone so come get wit me
Know you dont drank, can you sip me?
I want ya face, you so pretty
I got a thing, for your titties
I wanna eat your body like a ten piece, damn

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Cash Cobain
  • Album: Dunk Contest
  • Released: 2024