Chance the Rapper – Buried Alive Lyrics

Chance the Rapper Buried Alive Lyrics

I was in a dark space, between a rock and a hard place
Knew I was alive when my heart raced
Buried alive, but very alive
They’d be very surprised to find out Harry survived
The boy who lived got tied up for marryin’
Tryna ride off into the sunset with nary goodbye
Shot him off his high horse, ate his American pie
Called out his arrogant lies, tossed him in a hole
The middle of nowhere you never could find
Where’s his money now? Where his wife at?
Where his manager? Where his hype at?
Then they threw the dirt on the casket
And into the hunt for the baby and the basket
Nobody Moses, alone with the mallet
That’s when the pen turned the stone to a tablet
Jailbreak stylus, I chiseled like Shawshank
I fought for my life, Ray Gibson, Claude Banks
My ideas turn a cage into shark tank
Tears over war paint, gotta give the Lord “Thanks”
Walkin’ through the desert, same mighty sword
Not yet tired, but I might be sore
I was in a dark space
My mind was playin’ tricks like Scarface
My pen strong like an one-inch punch
I eat all they cornbread, they don’t want they lunch
I was in a dark place, it was me and my pen
None of my friends, none of my kin
None of my weapons, one of my limbs
One of my arms, I made a beat with my elbow first
Then my fist started knockin’ like the bell don’t work
In my palm was the pen from that one fable
The old legendary story of the lunch table
Then I kicked a technique that was so fatal
It went fall down Babylon, Jericho Dagon
Melt every wall in the dungeon dragon
We was in a dark place, now the lights back on
I just needed, I just needed somethin’ I could rap on
Right then and there the roof caved, quick rubble stone
The kid kicked another hole, the dirt filled another hole
The pen in the hand of a hero arose
Clenched fist clawin’ its way out, the highs and the lows

You’ll never know
The high and the low
High and the low

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Chance the Rapper
  • Album: Buried Alive
  • Released: 2024