Chlöe – Fallin 4 U Lyrics

Chlöe Fallin 4 U Lyrics

Fallin’, fallin’, fallin’ for you
For ridin’ I do, fallin’ for you
Crazy, I forget myself too
But you say that I do, not ridin’ for you

Fuck that shit, I’m not layin’ down and motherfucking sucking that fucking and do all that shit
Your bitch ass gon’ be the one layin’ down and washin’ my feet, fuck that, no
Shut your ass when you do some dick
No, I said if some dick can do, you got to go get it, I feel you
I wasn’t talkin’ for me to have to go get, I want to go get it
Fallin’, fallin’, fallin’ for you
Because I don’t need a man to dictate to me if I should put his foot on the table or not
Oh, oh
I’m an all person, but bitch, I might
And it’s a choice, it’s a choice I will make
My choice

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Aidan Crotinger, Chloe Bailey, Jake Wogan, Scott Bridgeway, Shermay Barnes
  • Album: In Pieces
  • Released: 2023