CKay – Mezebu Lyrics ft. Oxlade, KiDi

CKay Boyfriend EP Lyrics
CKay – Boyfriend EP Lyrics

Mezebu Lyrics by CKay ft Oxlade, Mezebu Lyrics by CKay ft KiDi

Oh baby

I think I drank too much
I’m texting my ex cos I drank too much
My head no correct I dey think too much
I don start to dey talk plenty tins wey me no
supposed to talk
E be why I dey chop insult
Chop insult

I don mezebu
I don mezebu
I don mezebu
I don mezebu

I don mezebu
I don mezebu
I don mezebu
I don mezebu

Long time wey me don dey find ya
You know sey your body na fire
And you make me loco
And you make me loco
Your voice be like melodies
I dey feel you see you
For your body and my soul
You intoxicate me and you know, you know you
I am high
Lost and gone
I am gone, mo ti mezebu

I don mezebu
I used to call you my boo
Don’t know how I’m gonna live without you
You say it’s better this way
How did I become your enemy?
Baby I just need some clarity
And you just taking all my energy, my energy
I’m so in my feelings
I feel so lonely
I wish that you were here with me
Since you’re not here I’m drinking my pain away

You threw my love all away
I still remember like it was yesterday
You do me wrong baby
You do me dirty ah, do my dirty ah
I just dey remember many tins as 11m sipping this
hennessy, it’s all coming back to me uhn
You turned a n**** to the streets
You created a beast
You ceeated a beast ohh

Written by; CKay
Released date; 12 February, 2021
Album/EP; Boyfriend

CKay Mezebu Lyrics ft Oxlade, CKay Mezebu Lyrics ft KiDi

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