Crayon – FADE AWAY Lyrics

Crayon FADE AWAY Lyrics

Kajolo sita, kamoti
I carry mulla, for body
Shey you go whyne like, tsunami
For my, vuvuzela

I no get time for, Abosi
Me I go, talk am, as e be
No com dey ask me, what are we
We are nothing, but pencils

In the hand
In the hand
of the Creator
Make we dance
Faaji hard
Till the sun is up

No go dey, whyne me
See the bottles wey
We dey pop
Plenty pressure
fit killy man
Na the money
I wun dey chop

Again again
Again again
Uh oh oh
We fit run am
Tomorrow again
Wey wey

Kian’t let this feeling
Fade away
From my body o

Make I no lavida kpeme
Call Valentina and kevwe
Tinba ti moti makpembe

I feel alive yes I feel alive
Kele dey for the cornerside
She wun blow me like she be dynamite
Uh uh wee

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Crayon
  • Album: FADE AWAY
  • Released: 2024