Danny Brown – Dark Sword Angel Lyrics

Danny Brown Dark Sword Angel Lyrics

Doing this even without a record deal
Half the shit i say can’t be understood by executives
I’m from that crack rock
Pine your grandma wedding ring
So what the f**k they gon tell me bout anything
Strap up nigga get yo boots on tight
I’m from back when snoop called luke
A ‘Frisco dyke
Made moves and went left and you went right
Niggas wanna be hot ’til their souls on ice
Long as i got the rent, you can’t tell me shit
You ain’t got it, put you out like Hannibal Burris
Got it all f**ked up
Thinking i gonna flourish for my family sitting starve
You be all malnourished

My raps like Tetris
Bars keep falling
Gotta know where to place them
Smoke with Dave Chappelle
The nigga think i laced him, knew it was the pack
He started talking about spaceships
I write like, it’s the only thing i’m good at
Took your bitch shopping
It was nothing to that
I ain’t gonna say that, I ain’t gonna do that
But the bitch you with, blew my muffin top blue back
Sit with thoughts like a toad on a stone
Try to put my finger in her like a rotery phone
If i take her for a spin, she would never call home
Put her hand behind her own head like Karl Malone

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Danny Brown
  • Album: Quaranta
  • Released: 2023