Dappy – Daily Duppy, Pt. 1 Lyrics

Dappy Daily Duppy Pt 1 Lyrics (feat. GRM Daily)

(Mazer made it, baby)

Remember the Dubz, your girlfriend loved ’em
I really had her up all na-na-night
I was in the T with Faze them times
Yeah we were really chopping up brown and white
Who would’ve knew from a two and a blue
Would’ve done out the whole O2 nuff times
This weren’t no fire in the booth, we made bars in the shed
We were licking out Charlie off the side
I made an anthem, went platinum
How many more times do I really gotta show these yutes?
How many songs do I save? Goals I shoot
I should have a golden boot, I like my gyaldem thick and rude
“How the D so big when you only like five foot?”
Ay, how you mean I’m the bloodclaat gyaldem sugar?
Have her dizzy like I Luv U
Thanks to recent events

All my young bros wearing masks on their face
Doing up greaze in the ends
Putting P’s on your head, man are squeezing again
Dash a mash deep in the Thames
From qway back I made Maybach music
Since then I knew I’d be rich forever
And the blogs still out here digging up dirt on man
But it’s what, it’s what?
It’s still the same don, just without the woolly hat
Just a little more mulli in a Louis bag
From a pickney I’ve been badding up the playground
Them times there I started dashing from the bully van
’06, started shutting down events
’07, started paying all my mum’s rent
Them times you was still in a grow house
I was on the main stage, really filling up tents
Every twenty-fifth of the twelfth
We was sitting near an empty tree, like this ain’t no banter
Real man up in the house, when we never had shit
I come dishing out gifts like Santa
Nowadays, holidays and lobster
But I still box chips, chicken and Mirinda
Bun tryna catch a bird on my chest
Just for defending another man like Tanganga
You winning or is it a lie?

Every other day I see you snapping in Dubai
It’s either lit out there or you’re telling fibs out there
More time you’re selling coochie on the sly
I made a milli way before I even learned to drive
I hit the milli club before I was even twenty-five
Tryna separate the little ones from the guys
But I’m still living off PRS from ’09
My whole life I’ve been getting looked at like an alien
But I’m grateful, let’s face it
I just switched this tune, Tectron lit up the whole room
Come looking like a big blue spaceship
Told my jeweller “I might want pops’ name on my chain”
He said “Cool, engrave it”
We were living in a block, I had to break free
Cause I didn’t want a life that’s basic
Are you a real one or an impostor?
You just act bad, you need to win an Oscar
You’re on the roadside doing up Deebo
On the D-low you’re probably singing to the askar
Hella gyally in the room make their bum bounce
Secure the bag before you go and cop a buss down
Didn’t pencil in no meetings
This week you’re too busy getting drawn out on Clubhouse