Dave East & Harry Fraud – The Disappearance Lyrics

Dave East and Harry Fraud The Disappearance Lyrics, The Disappearance Lyrics by Dave East and Harry Fraud

Been a while
Hoffa, yeah

Niggas ask me, “what’s up with the music?”
Shit, I been actin’
Lately my clothes been vintage, not into the latest fashion
I feel like I can breathe again, I related to Toni Braxton
And I still get the chills from the thoughts of my homies laughing
I witnessed tragedy and got back to my pen and pad
Most of the feelings I felt for the industry, I got past them (Fuck ’em)
Bunch of niggas that came out before me, feel like I lapped ’em
Lebron James, these niggas Bron’s son like Action
My attitude was passive before I opened the package
Fiend in the living room high, nodding to Gladys
I seen roaches fall in the toaster before the bread rise
Funny I’m alive but I’m only concerned with dead guys
Fed time, always avoided it since my teen years
Surrounded by stand up men, a rat won’t be seen here
It’s summertime in Harlem, I’m sippin’ Clicquot on a beach chair
Plates only for family, making it hard to eat here
For three years, dealt with the hate from niggas that I love
Two options, win in the trenches, sell or you buy drugs
Convince me you had ill intentions, turns out it’s not love
Added baking soda in a double, call it pot luck
This the life we living
Sending flicks to homies in prison
Those SIs and these VVS’, they see the difference
Laguardia just landed, get waffles from dirty kitchens
I’m vibing to some classic shit I ain’t heard in a minute
I ain’t serve in a minute, ain’t hand to hand in some years
In my hand was just a beer, this Cartier chandelier
I never ducked the fade on any day, let’s meet up in the square
Newports was clickin’, fresh up out the bookings, selling squares
Made dreams out of nightmares, I woke up
Niggas tried to swing and he got broke up
Want smoke and it ain’t joke’s up
I walk through the fire, eyes wired like I’m coked up
I never powdered my nose up, game I was trying to soak up
Listening to legends that did it when it was real out
They comfortable in prison so ain’t no telling them chill out
Cut the chef a check before he even brought the meal out
Made the Reggie smell like exotic, brought the orange pills out
Peel out, Hellcat speeding, I’m knocking Supercat
Die for being a witness, you ain’t had nothing to do with that
East and Harry Fraud, they scared to sleep, that Freddy Kruger rap
Before I blew, I blew a stack on baggies and the newest strap