Dave – Peace Dream Lyrics

Dave Peace Dream Lyrics

Just landed in London, melatonin, serotonin
Need to see mumsy, need to see Rownan
Need to find purpose, I feel like I’m lost and roamin’
I skip religious education in school, I go church so ari’s extra
I’m Ari Aster, Ari Gold, I’m Arri Alexa
She more like, born to die calm and then Carmen Electra
I’m always drivin’, it’s harder to text her
My girl ain’t calm
She just numb to emotion, it’s hard to affect her
I landed on the first of November
Dreams ain’t hard to remember
Driver, just got me in the E-Class, I ain’t a diva
But if that happens again, somebody’s in trouble
Privileged kid in a first world bubble
Used to complain ’bout buried in debt

In the Gaza Strip, kids buried in rubble
Government full of war criminals, it’s blatant now and it ain’t even subtle
I don’t wanna see little kids dead every time that I open the phone
But the least I can do is, the least I can do is try and understand man’s pain
The least I can do is stand in the rain and protest, man’s gotta carry their names
I’m about to meltdown my chain, send six figures in medical aid
I don’t want to turn to political Dave, but look at the people that’s leadin’ the way
That’s a convo for a different day, man gotta get it in a different way
I done six days in Blue Arrow too and for work, and it felt like physical pain
God forgive me for my criminal ways, I was a worker on a wage
I won’t lie, I thought that everything changed when I made ten K like Elliot Grainge
Money make a good girl look at me strange
Every time I see a homeless man, then I gotta say “Sorry”, if I don’t have change
That’s the way I was raised
I’m yet to achieve more than I’ve achieved
Just ‘cah I gave back to my village it don’t automatically make me a chief
Put a pack full of molly in a pretty girl’s punani and pray she don’t queef
Man talk on “We” and don’t wanna see
How you don’t know the difference in the rubber and teeth?
And what happens if Steve Jobs’ apple was to fall from the tree?
Dolce & Gabbana bag same colour as dolche de leche, she grown and she, mmm
She grown and she sexy, you’re borin’
You made money your personality but it don’t impress me
You get me? Yeah

Higher the peace dream, some of us livin’ in peace and some of us livin’ in pieces
Where’s mass murder in the Bible’s teachings?
I don’t wanna say what I think ****, gonna start legal proceedings
I don’t agree with our government dealings
Gotta wake up, gotta get out my feelings
Gotta grind, dust myself off, gotta go
Can’t stand still, gotta move
Get in my bag, gotta get in my groove
Man talkin’ as if I got somethin’ to prove
I’m walkin’ as if I got nothin’ to lose, are you fuckin’ confused?

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Dave
  • Album: Peace Dream
  • Released: 2023