Dead Crown – No Remorse Lyrics

Dead Crown No Remorse Lyrics, No Remorse Lyrics by Dead Crown

Try to forget all that we’ve been through
Somehow my mind always comes back to you
Fuck it

No remorse
For the broken
When I needed put together
Not a single word was spoken

No remorse
For the hopeless
While you’re standing still
Im lost in constant motion

Ice cold I feel nothing
No empathy no sympathy
My agony is what fuels me today
Enjoy the view from 6 feet
While I’m pissin on your grave
There’s not a thing about you that ill miss

Built from my pain
Bitch we are not the same

Do us all a favor
Put that bullet through your brain

You don’t know fury
You don’t know what I do
You don’t see clearly
You refuse to see the truth
And Once all is gone
And things come to an end
Your fake friends won’t miss you
They’ll be glad your fuckin dead

Yeah that’s right
Bitch I fuckin said it
Blow these words through your skull
So you never forget it
And Next time you want some clout and someone’s life to end
Take a look in the mirror
And end yourself instead

What the fuck
No more missing
Ill take a hit
And put the mark on all of you
You want a piece
Mother fucker slide through
The fuck you wanna do?

No peace in mind for a broke bitch
Typin shit on a screen
You don’t get
Skull fragments on the wall
I don’t give a shit
This is your fuckin mess
Now fuckin sleep in it

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