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Denike – Goosebumps EP Lyrics

Denike Goosebumps EP Lyrics
Denike – Goosebumps EP Lyrics

Goosebumps EP Lyrics by Denike

Denike’s debut EP “GOOSEBUMPS” is an introduction to her versatility with different genres, from ‘Trap’ to ‘Afropop’ with a blend of ‘R&B’ and ‘House music’.

The Nigerian singer/songwriter showcases lovely melodies with her amazing vocals and catchy beats to create these amazing tunes. GOOSEBUMPS are associated with the state of feeling emotionally touched in a joyful way, this is the feeling Denike’s EP sparks when played.

“GOOSEBUMPS” (4th track on the ep) captures her art of melody, “IFE YI” “MUMU BUTTON” and “HOLD YOU DOWN” are emotional songs telling beautiful stories about a love interest. Having goosebumps while listening is inevitable.

Denike Goosebumps EP Tracklist;

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Written by; Denike
Released date; 14 March, 2021

Denike Goosebumps EP Lyrics