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Dijon – Absolutely Lyrics, Tracklist

Dijon Absolutely Lyrics, Absolutely Lyrics by Dijon

Dijon has released his sophomore album dubbed “Absolutely“.

I think the idea of sexiness or being calm and collected is a pretty stifling thing as a musician. I’ve wrestled with why you’re supposed to make music if you’re going to do it, and I think just the longer I’ve been trying, I’ve gotten pretty disenchanted with sort of the casualness and the informality.

This is the existential question at the heart of Absolutely, his debut album. If the prior EPs—2019’s Sci Fi 1 and 2020’s How Do You Feel About Getting Married?—were for figuring out who he was as an artist through collages of ideas, then this is about figuring out who he can be, with regard to the expectations leveled at him from outsiders and those he has for himself. Of course, to hear him tell it, the process of creating this music wasn’t nearly as deep.

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