DJ Khaled THESE STREETS KNOW MY NAME Lyrics (feat. Skillibeng, Buju Banton, Capleton, Bounty Killer & Sizzla)

Blessed is the man that walketh not
In the council of the ungodly (Yuh sih)
Nor standeth in the ways of sinners (Yeah mon, a Eastsyde)
Great is Jah (Judgment, yeah)
And greatly to be praised (We The Best Music)
In the city of our Jah, in the mountain of his holiness (Sizzla)
Another one, DJ Khaled (Yuh sih)

Alien baddest, I stay wid a ‘matic
And doh play wid di baddest, and doh run di Khaled
Never believe in us, God did, dat’s why we roll di chopstick
Suck me long like am mop stick, shoot as though der no practice
Expert shoot at di Mavericks, wid di broom, dem a brand dis
Firе knock dis, a wi have e chalice
I keep, gi dеm bwoy di a knock knee
A baby dem God sih
Whole a di weight guddung pon mi, heavy weight

DJ Khaled bring di beat and I kill di beat
Cyaa fling lyrics, yeah, Eastsyde is in di lead, you nuh disbelieve, a expensive feature
Saw some hits you pree, di bwoy smile enuh, an gah medz mi later
Bwoy dem play hard a fi hold a paper
Do my crimes fi mi, Eastsyde nuh fear, investigate
And know mi roots like cultivation, I love Jamaica, hype off mi grades and I stack di paper
Buy so shot di face on it, calculator
Wi bawn fi danger, Eastsyde get di cash while you politician

Eastsyde a rule from God creation wid bad behavior
S’maddy go tell mi teacher seh mi did wrong fi say dat
School alumni, I love my fucking occupation
Not a failure, Skilli pon a beat is like gas to flame, ya
Suh di place a bun dung every fire station
Cyaa put out di flame, a alien invasion
Money makers

Yeah, oh, yeah
These streets knows my name (Yeah, murda)
These legs knows my pain (Knows, yeah)
Woii, a who from yah fi feel disappointed and shame
More education and more wealth, now, dem waan help now, dem waan help now
How yuh haffi know how fi get inna yuh? (A yuh waan tell dem sup’m?)

From dem fi know wi nah go friend dem up
Mi seh anytime yuh ready, jus send dem up
An’ mek mi bun dem up an’ bun dem up an’ end dem up
Babylon stay independent an dem pen dem up, yeah
Modern slavery, a dat a end dem up
Buju Banton, Sizzla, and Khaled nah go friend dem up
Killa cross, Skillibeng haffi go pen dem up
Di fyah, dat haffi go bun dem, alright
When yuh see di nation (Mek mi tell yuh), no violation (Suh wi tell ’em)
Tell ’em liberation (Now wi tell ’em), tell ’em reparation, woii
When yuh see Jah nation (Mek mi tell yuh), no segregation (Suh wi tell ’em)
Open aspiration (Now wi tell ’em), haffi bun up Satan, weh dem a wait pon?

These streets knows my name (Yeah, Murder)
These legs knows my pain (Knows, yeah)
Oi, a who from yah fi feel disappointed and shame
Celestial meditation when mi kush touch di flame
Bwoy, yuh fi put di respect pon wi name
Hardest scope dem wi aim

Well, keep and waste dem and run it and di killa mek di hammer clap
Wi bang and properly use, stand dem up and nuh scammer chat
Di bomb a chop a robber ‘cah di Don a chop
Legendary status switch back, mi sparka dat
Dem shoulda know, mi watch a Patek and mi chain a blind dem eye
And gyal a press it, and a send it back like a reply
Dem ting dem cyaa run in dis snub nose between dem eyes
Skilli’ roll up wid a hundred, third eye
Wi roll up inna these rides, Louis V slide
Chain bright like a street light, weh yuh feel like?
Extra clip weh wi carry have thirty, heat, nine
Yuh nuh waan Eastsyde, buss head in three side
Tell dem seh yuh waan come cut off, nah fear dem a run dung, fat buss
Head like condom, like blood a leak out pon dem clock
Dem know a different bun fyah bun on side Banton track
Ask di street cah wi been bad

These streets knows my name (Yeah)
These legs knows my pain (Knows, yeah)
Oi, a who from yah fi feel disappointed and shame
Oi, more flames (Sizzla)
But a weh dem touch it fah?
More fire, more, more, more flames

Expect house a full way, not halfway, we be at dis all day
Never gonna get me givin’ up, we goin’ all the way
The ups and the downs, yeah, the cuts and the bruise, uh
Di system messin’ up, yeah, but we all got the juice
And it ain’t getting no better if it sit back and loose, uh
My brothers and my sisters all over the news (Hey)
That’s what we do, yeah, we burn out corruption (Hey)
And big up your group, tell dem watch how wi function (Hey)
What next to do when yuh reach out di junction? (Hey)
And ’bout to slam, givin’ up ain’t an option
Heads up, heads up
The limit is the sky
Heads up, heads up
The limit is the sky
Catch ’em, do the damage, get the package, I’m out
Gettin’ the money, that’s why the heck I’m about

These streets knows my name (Yeah, murda)
These legs knows my pain (Knows, yeah)
A who from yah fi feel disappointed and shame

They ain’t believe in us
Jamaica did

Fire, oi

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  • Written by: Clifton Bailey III, DJ Khaled, Emwah Warmington, M. Thompson, Mark Myrie, Miguel Collins, Nicholas Warwar, Rodney Price, Tarik Azzouz
  • Album: GOD DID
  • Released: 2022