ENHYPEN – Fate Lyrics English Translation

ENHYPEN Fate Lyrics English Translation

I wanted that power and ran.
Even if the sun will blind you
To reach the promised place
To complete our future
Above all, to protect you.

You believed in me and gave me strength
The moment you opened me, you were inside me.

Like the season is changing the green.
Love became greed and erased itself.
Selfishness clears you up.
Locked me in ruins like a deep sea.

Where that awful curse came from
Who inflicted the cruel punishment
Only now I realized.
Mortal Fate
How could you forget?

The signs only respond to you, glowing red.
That word I begged you for.
It rises like a vivid sun kicking out the darkness.

Fate was again in my hands.
I feel the power flowing like blood inside me.
I finally call you eagerly.

Now I will never forget.
Everything was power from you.
That you have grown up in eternity to return to you.

Blood Knotted Love
It’s over erased in Oman
I lose everything, and I become a monster that didn’t die.
Now I know what I need to do.
Follow the blood token.
(Fate) (Fate) (Fate)
I don’t hesitate.

(Fate) (Fate) (Fate)
Go this way.
(Fate) (Fate) (Fate)
It’s my fate
Follow this blood token at the end of the road
To dedicate me to you (Eh)

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Bang Si Hyuk, BreadBeat, CA$HCOW, HYBE, Jacob Aaron (THE HUB), Kyler Niko, Noerio (THE HUB), THE HUB 88, Wonderkid, 신쿵
  • Album: DARK BLOOD
  • Released: 2023