Faye Webster – eBay Purchase History Lyrics

Faye Webster eBay Purchase History Lyrics

You should see my eBay purchase history
You could learn a lot about me
I could build and paint all day
But then there’s no one here for me to play
And I’m looking at you talk like, okay
Your eyes are so pretty, by the way

I’m always bored, and I’m never satisfied
But you’ve been keeping me busy in my mind
But I’ll keep my anonymity hid
I just learned that word, I thought that I’d use it

I’ve been listening to the same thing again
Close my eyes, I can smell my old apartment
It’s kind of nice to have familiarity
A sweet escape for whenever I need

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Faye Webster
  • Album: Underdressed at the Symphony
  • Released: 2024