Fivio Foreign – Same 24 Lyrics

Fivio Foreign Same 24 Lyrics, Fivio Foreign ft Meek Mill Same 24 Lyrics

If everybody demons, I’ma call this Hell
How I get rich off of a skill that I taught myself?
I remember when I couldn’t even afford this belt
I ain’t had the best drip, but I wore it well
Yeah, I brought that pain with me
I’d rather sleep alone than have the wrong b**** layin’ with me
Different walks of life, but n****s is from the same city
I take him out the game for good, that n**** keep on playin’ with me
I been through all type of sh*t
Fake friends, new opps, the wrong type of b****
Goin’ live, ShadeRoom, I lost likes and sh*t
I got famous, friends died, I lost life to this
And everybody actin’ funny
Always get mad when I tell ’em that they actin’ funny
And they gon’ hate me with their soul, but they gon’ ask for money
And when I tell ’em n****s “No,” they say I’m actin’ funny
Like I don’t know the real truth
Like I don’t know the sh*t that I survived would’ve killed you
I got rich, but when I was broke, I was on them pills too
To walk a mile in my feet, you had to steal shoes
We got the same twenty-four hours, n****
Why what’s mine gotta be ours, n****?
Talkin’ ’bout n****s need help, n****, I was “n****s”
But I rose out of the dirt, give me my flowers, n****
I see you hatin’, n****, just admit it
How you playin’ victim to a crime that you committed?
How you mad about a life that you ain’t livin’?
And how you tell me how to spend a bag that you ain’t gettin’?
Even my family couldn’t stand me
I feel like only Instagram understand me
They kill me in they raps, but I don’t believe the cap
‘Cause every time I’m out, I’m never hidin’ where I’m at
And they be talkin’ crazy every day behind my back
But every time I see ’em, n****s always give me dap
Can I live? All that stupid sh*t I did
I iced out the gang before I iced out my kids
I packed out a show before I packed out my fridge
And they sayin’ they need more, that’s some disrespectful sh*t
Like, b****, I pay the rent, how you put my bags out and sh*t?
I brought you back in my life, how you want me back out the crib?
I’m tryna be a good n****, why you wanna spazz out and glitch?
Actin’ like it’s nothin’, I don’t just pass out this gift
Damn, this what I waited for? Uh
To get money and get hated more?
Everybody I thought loved me, is wagin’ war
If I knew this what it was, I’da been stayin’ poor
If I knew this what it was, I’da been stayin’ poor

If I knew this what it was, I’da been sayin’ more
If I thought it was a game, I would’ve been playin’ more
I’m really hot ’cause I grew up without the fan on
I’m really ’bout to pull my Glock out on the landlord
I’m really like that, tell my momma we ain’t stayin’ poor
I feel like the G.O.A.T. every single time I cut that Lamb’ on
Hermès on my dresser, she was present on my standoff
My granny house in and love to wrap my ass up
You sh*ttin’ me? I was too broke, I took that cash off
Started sellin’ work, you hit this sh*t, you probably blast off
Auntie, she got seven homies, three, and I still passed off
Knowin’ she won’t pay me, but I’m knowin’ I’m a rap star
Switchin’ on the block, got n****s runnin’ like they track stars
You spin too many times, we drip your whip up like it’s Nascar
Ff-ff-ff, shoot your sh*t up on the dashboard
My youngin’ tryna crash it, he can’t wait to go on this crash course
Ff-ff-ff, shoot your sh*t up on the dashboard
My youngin’ tryna crash it, he can’t wait to go on this crash course

Huh, Fivio Foreign, Meek Mills, n****
Moral of the story though
I got no sympathy for you b****-ass n****s
Oh, yeah, when you, you n****s pick a side too
You b****-ass n****s
And when you pick a side, stay there, n****
You know what time I’m on, you know my side, n****

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: Fivio Foreign, Meek Mill
  • Album: Same 24
  • Released: 2024