G-Eazy – Bad Bad News! Lyrics

Not at all, but you know, we can all be in love and we fall out of love
And be in love with ourselves
Love and love is perfect
I’ve never felt this way
Bad, bad, bad news

Uh, the look in your eyes, you don’t seem halfway
You’re scared as you should be (Hm, why would I ever be scared?)
Uh, and every single one of your friends says to run far away from me
I’m bad, bad news (But I like you)
They don’t wanna see the trash of the youth, uh (So what?)
I’m bad, bad news (Bad, bad, bad news)
That’s what they all say about me (Really?)

(Bad, bad, bad news)
(Bad, bad, bad news)

Uh, I don’t fit that mold
Everything that shines isn’t always gold
You get mad, then your blood runs cold
But I know you don’t believe all them lies you told
That I’m bad, bad news, uh
Just another trash of the youth
I’m bad, bad news
Why would I give a fuck what they say about me?

(Bad, bad, bad news)
(Bad, bad, bad news) You know, uh

What if we make a swell couple?
Best friend thinkin’ everythin’ about him just spells trouble
Dreams flyin’ off the shelves, he prolly sells double
Tellin’ lies and sinnin’, he belongs on the hell shuttle
Fuck, arms covered in tattoos
There’s so many taboos ’bout him but she’s in love with the bad dudes
She don’t listen when her friends say that he’s bad news
She knows better, that’s my baby, yeah
(Bad, bad, bad news)

(Bad, bad, bad news)
(Bad, bad, bad news)
(Bad, bad, bad news)
(Bad, bad, bad news)

(Bad, bad, bad news)
(Bad, bad, bad news)