G Herbo – Loyalty Lyrics

G Herbo Loyalty Lyrics, Loyalty Lyrics by G Herbo

I don’t take it personal
I be on to the next shit ’cause I’m versatile
I be sparin’ niggas all the time, bein’ merciful
Every time you open up, they just end up hurtin’ you
Usually the worst is true
So is all my verses too
You be all in competition, that’s the devil verses you
Hatin’ ass, Judas ass nigga, now we murkin’ you
Put a bag in the trenches
Pussy, I’ll purchase it

Quit the weed cold turkey and I threw the perkies too
I be goin’ through some shit, I see my son virtual
Man, you hurtin’ who?
Every time I see my youngin’ smile, that shit get me through
We could still be in the same tower and have different views
Me and one of my dogs split up like we went to different schools
If you go that route, stay there, nigga
You can’t pick and choose
If you on the team, play your role, we got shit to lose
When they act like hoes, get exposed, it’s the principal
When I’m chasin’ goals, you can’t see me, I’m invisible
Really wanna be me, you can’t beat me, I’m invincible
Stories still untold from the mold, that’s the pinnacle
Still be with the killers ’cause I feel ’em, we identical

You said that you would be there but you wasn’t
I was losin’ homies by the dozen
Deep up in my feelings but I never said nothing
Why you so demanding when you never had nothing?
I was big on loyalty before I started buzzin’
I could trust my brothers better than my blood cousins
I seen a couple show they hand ’cause there’s bread comin’
Jumped in head first, we were full fledged runnin’