G Herbo – Pray 4 My Enemies Lyrics

G Herbo Pray 4 My Enemies Lyrics, Pray 4 My Enemies Lyrics by G Herbo

I’m willin’ to go up the furthest length
Under any extent, nigga play, so I pray for my enemies
Can’t let ’em get rid of me
It might be the day, any day you get blown away
I’ma shoot broad day if you temptin’ me
Been in the streets and I been through enough
Just to know not to ever show sympathy
The devil got into me
But I’m blessed with a sin, so I know when you envy me
I play off energy
So don’t be an enemy, I pray for my enemies
So be safe to my enemies
I don’t play with my enemies

We lost Kobe, we made the trenches bleed
Crushing opps like centipedes
Now we back in the league
Now I’m rich and they still gon’ love when a nigga leave
Heart cold like Christmas Eve
But I still show love to my hood like it’s Christmas Eve
Been through it, shit wasn’t easy
I’ll tell you some shit right now, you wouldn’t even believe it
How I make it out? I don’t know either
Well, I meant hard work and not leaving the house with no hollows
High like a fever
Outside ridin’ the east, we got one-twenty shots in four seasons
And that’s how we beat ’em
I had to go make a way for my niggas ’cause I was the leader
Glock 23 of the Nina
Both of them bitches got work on ’em, I can’t decide it either
Might as well ride with both of ’em, I was gon’ ride with either (Fuck it)

Know the way we did, niggas they gotta retaliate
We wasn’t higher than even, way up on the score
Did that shit with ease and we still let niggas breathe, still (No bap)
Clip and the AR, same size as a nigga sleeve (No bap)
Paranoia come close, make a real scene
Revenge and we had to still breathe
I don’t fear no man, let a trigger squeeze
Don’t gotta squeeze triggers, got a little cheese
Used to play in the grass ‘fore I got in the street
Then I turned fifteen, started selling trees
Used to pass the rock how he passed the rock
Now I’m passin’ Glocks like my boy Steve Nash (Nash)
Young nigga movin’ a little too fast, playin’ we blast
Niggas wanted the drill, wasn’t thinkin’ ’bout cash
Got in my first high speed, did the dash and crashed (Damn)
Snuck my pipe into school, I was totin’ a mag in class (No bap), damn
We saw a opp and I bet when he looked in the mirror at home
He ain’t know that today be his last
I know we gon’ catch you if you with your lady or baby, you may get a pass
Whenever we catch you, we hop out and stretch you
Lord, bless you
These niggas hoods be nothing ’cause I come from Essex and my block hectic
We hop out and exit, we hop out extra and make it a mess of it
Turnt up the pressure, now we havin’ less of it

Man, we did what we did and how we did it
And so ain’t no worryin’ about the rest of it
Shorty, them itchin’ to wet something
Yours versus mine, we gon’ end up topless, let’s bet something
Nothing but killers and riders
Nothing but dealers, I hung with gorillas
We stronger than niggas divided
And we shootin’ up whatever shit we decided
Chillin’, we already tried it
They drillin’ forever and ain’t no denyin’
They slidin’ for nothing, ain’t nobody even outside that need to be fired at
I’m facin the blunt while I drive, plottin’ on homicide
Don’t know where my mind at (Yeah)
I’m up a new milli and ain’t even got on my grind yet (For real)
Still tryna make new money, I got old money
Shit like, where you find that?
Boss shit, whatever number got digits and commas behind that
Don’t even cost shit
Chain your wrist, wonder why we can’t see where your shine at
Say you get money then chasin’ after hoes where we find ya at
Nigga, where ya time at?