G Herbo – Stand the Rain (Mad Max) Lyrics

G Herbo Stand the Rain Lyrics, Stand the Rain Lyrics by G Herbo

Uh huh
You can turn, turn the headphones up some more though and leave my vocals like that, let’s get it

I need paper like I’m Hov
I need thirty before thirty
Need mercy on my soul
Made the 30 under 30 (Forbes)
I made a teardrop in my Rolls
Came from shit we came from hits
I made it back dirt on my clothes
Now I’m here, 2018, shit was different what a year
2019, it was tough but I’m like fuck it it’s in the rear
2020, Covid hit, and I’m just getting shit in gears
I ain’t even reach all my goals and I’m still shitting on my peers
I ain’t even see my potential I’m still trying to face my fears
Feel that music in my heart, as soon as I hear it in my ears
I don’t want to go and turn the clubs up, I handle business
Big bro, told me not to grab the Maybach truck, pull up in his
2021 sedan, two-hundred grand, yeah I did (Four door)
Said I wasn’t gon’ buy shit no more
Really that bitch for my bro though
Pullin’ from me what you put into me
Won’t get nothing no mo’
I can’t go broke, that’s a no go
Make that paper jump, like po-go
Only Trackhawk in LA this color
Act like that’s the low-low
Still up in my shit solo
Pull up shoot some shit from logo
Trying to flex for likes you, in a striker, stupid, that’s a stolo’
Play with me, I’m seeing rojo
Pussy, I’m in go mode

Can you stand the rain?
I can stand the rain
Used to stand in the rain
I can stand in the rain
Used to stand the rain
Can you stand the rain?
Used to stand in the rain
I can stand the rain

Used to stand in the rain
After friends was slain
Withstanding the pain
I was filled with anger
Homie got banged for saying my name
Let his thirty flame
Ain’t change, stood up for his gang
Then his mans, blew out his brains
This a dirty game
Left-handed grip, it firm and I got sturdy aim
Glizzy with mixed personalities, got thirty names
Pop out like I’m Mr. T, I got on thirty chains
Bent the lamb truck rims, it cost me Thirty K
Missing family, reminiscing about them early days
Fuck G Herbo, they just listening to what Herbie say
I ain’t really give a fuck though in my early ages
Got too many in them pearly gates and scary cages
If you know, you know I went through phases, different stages
Broad day had guns blazing with the bravest
For real
Seen action like a movie, but that shit was real
Then being too courageous, got my nigga killed

Long live, Max C. Money
That’s why I got a big ass Max around my neck
That’s why I got that C Money green Trackhawk
That’s why I got a C Money green Rolex anniversary, but really though
This shit in me
That’s why I am super-savage to the max
I had to think about it, you know I had to humble myself but
Then again I am what I am
I gotta’ stay brave
I gotta’ stay on it
Because I know the universe ain’t gonna have leeway on me
And it’s just all off real life
Situations and shit I’ve been through
I’m only twenty-five, but I feel like I lived ten lifetimes
And there’s no coincidence
Nigga really with the shit
I look at my niggas, and I look at my niggas’ kids
And I look at my my kid
And I see so much of us in them
So that’s why I be trying to like, change the cycle
But a lot of the shit meant
We just gotta’ learn to control it as best we can, you know?
G Herbo